Durians, Laksa and Nutmeg Juice

Last Sunday, we had a team outing to Balik Pulau for durians. We joined the Penang Mensa group (a rather large group this time as it included Mensans from KL) on Sunday morning for an 8-car convoy all the way to this rather ‘hidden’ durian farm on the way to … Read more

The Buddhist Revolution

The long weekend is almost here. With tomorrow being Wesak Day, I am sure lots of people are planning a lovely holiday elsewhere (and I think for most KL folks, their ‘elsewhere’ is most likely Penang!). That’s where the cheap and good food is! We went to the Than Hsiang … Read more

Slicing Like a Samurai

I didn’t know there were names to the methods I was using all this while but 2 Sundays ago, I tagged along with Nic to an afternoon of sudoku enlightenment organised by the Malaysian Sudoku Society and Mensa Penang. (Nic’s with Mensa Penang as a Committee Member and he had … Read more