How I Accidentally Became a Freelance Writer and How You Can Too!

(This post is written by Krista. I’m taking a break this week to prepare for my upcoming talk in April. Will post more details on the talk soon and how you can participate.)

Although I have been writing for many years now, I did not actively seek writing opportunities with magazines or newspapers because I run my own business and time is often lacking. But writing is a hobby and most times, my takes on life is published in my blog.

I enjoy travel and food so once in a while I will take some of my blog posts and turn them into full length articles. Sometimes I submit these articles for free reprints to article directories. (I did major in Journalism though so I believe writing keeps my journo muscles lean and mean.)

Imagine my surprise when I was one day contacted by the travel editor of an Australian newspaper who wanted to reproduce my article. I wrote a few articles in 2004 on travelling and dining in Sarawak and the editor had picked one of those to reprint.

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