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Are You Wasting Money on Your Ad?

How effective is your ad?

Yes, the ad you run in the local newspaper, the ad you put in the local magazine.

Do you even know?

The reason I’m asking is, most people I meet tell me that they run ads in newspapers and don’t see any results. Therefore, their conclusion is: ads don’t work. At least, not for them. Maybe it works for big companies with big advertising budgets.

I’ve been running the same ad in every printed issue of a local magazine.


Granted, there are only four issues in a year but that’s not the point.

And I don’t have a big advertising budget either (remember, I run a website design/web hosting/web marketing business from home).

But I believe in spending money effectively and my ad, believe it or not, has generated enough interest and income for me to continue supporting the magazine every issue.

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