Do Your Photos Entice?

If you run an e-store where you sell tangible products, remember that customers cannot touch or feel the products you sell. So you must show how attractive your products are. Through photos. I think that’s the most important factor for any e-store or online shop selling products online. If you … Read more

Payment Options For Your Online Store

In order to accept payment online, your shopping cart software must be connected to a payment solution or a payment system which allows you to accept payment over the Internet. Most online transactions require payment by credit card. Whether you are running an online or offline business, to accept credit … Read more

E-commerce: Improve Your Site To Improve Your Sales

I read an interesting article today, and it was titled “Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales”. The interviewee of the article is none other than Dr Jakob Nielsen. Nielsen is the guru of web usability. While I don’t quite like his plain website (the text just goes on and … Read more