Our Story

We started in 1998 by offering web design services to business owners. We have expanded our offerings to include our book, game, workshops and marketing services to help you grow your business online.

When you work with Redbox Studio, you’re working with people who have the expertise and experience to help you.

We’ll show you the right ways to use digital strategies to grow your customers, profit and business for the long-term.

If you’re a business owner, you want people with expertise to help you. You can’t do everything on your own and you really shouldn’t.

When we started in 1998, we had one aim: to help you position your business credibly and effectively online with a website. 

The website had to look stylish and appealing. It should offer excellent design that made sense. It should offer content that showcased the best of the business and above all, convinced and persuaded website visitors to take the next step. Plus the website had to be visible online when searched (most people like seeing their websites on the first page of Google). In short, the website had to attract humans and search engines.

Was that a tall order? You bet.

Until today, we’re probably the only web design company in Penang and Malaysia that can create a website that looks impeccable, ranks well organically and serves up content that helps businesses sell more.

But that’s not all.

We build our websites to help you do better, smarter marketing.

We ask you about your target audience. We ask you about product benefits, why you started and where you want to go. We go deep into your business and find that unforgettable story that helps your business shine like a diamond.

If you don’t have an authentic, persuasive story today, you don’t stand a chance

The secret sauce of our premium websites is marketing strategy.

We craft marketing right into your website so that your website visitors know what you are offering and why you’re unique when they get to your website. 

Our method and process, honed, polished and perfected since 1998, works superbly for all our clients. That’s what makes Redbox Studio websites effective lead generation machines for our clients so much so that a long-time client calls us “the Rolls Royce of website design”.

While website design and e-commerce websites are still part of what we offer, we’ve expanded and are now teaching marketing to entrepreneurs who want to learn smarter and more interesting ways to reach out to customers. We also offer private consultation through VIP Day sessions. If you’d like to hire us to speak, you can do so too. 

Much of our expertise in marketing and web design is shared through master classes and workshops as well as through a business game for entrepreneurs that we invented called Big Timer.

You can also access our 20 years of expertise when you buy Web Wisdom, a book that we wrote to help you create your own successful, made-for-marketing website.

Key People

Partnering with smart folks makes your life so much easier!

Nic Sim

CEO & Founder

Nic is a rebel, artist, entrepreneur, geek, chief systems specialist and master designer all rolled into one. He founded Redbox Studio in 1998 after “firing” his boss.

Nic has since developed the Redbox X-Factor, a revolutionary framework which underlies all Redbox Studio’s website design and development.

He also teaches about entrepreneurship and marketing through his One Mountain One Dragon master class as well as through Big Timer, a business game which he invented.

When he is not managing the business, Nic is also the Chairman of Mensa Penang.

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Krista Goon


Krista manages the PR & marketing for Redbox Studio. She also oversees the content strategy of clients’ websites besides setting the communications direction for Redbox Studio.

Skilled in copywriting and marketing, she is a regular speaker on topics such as entrepreneurship and heart-centred, authentic marketing.

Krista co-founded WomenBizSENSE, Penang’s most active women entrepreneur organisation. She is currently its adviser after being stepping down as president (a position she has held from 2012 to 2016).

She was also one of the 18 Malaysian women nominated for the Great Women of Our Time Awards in 2008.

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Eleanor Lopez

Communications Manager

A keen interest in people and places has taken Eleanor on an interesting career path which included stints in hospitality, teaching, publishing and marketing.

From writing newsletters, researching the latest in digital marketing and e-commerce and creating lead magnets, she welcomes the opportunity to learn new things and share them with Redbox Studio’s friends and clients.

Eleanor has previously written for iNPenang, Penang Monthly and Expatriate Lifestyle magazines.

She finds pleasure in leisurely pursuits with her family that allow her to discover new experiences, food, nature and relaxation.