Bitcoin & Email Threats

Today, we got an email that a client forwarded us. She was worried and decided to forward it to us and ask us if it is legit. The email was basically an email that threatened her to pay up in Bitcoin and if she didn’t, the guy would expose her … Read more

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We have had a fun year this year and we hope you have had a pretty good year too! In fact, as we get ready to end the year, we are gearing up for new website projects and some interesting consulting work plus website audit. But that’s not all. We’re … Read more

Secrets of High-Quality Websites

Your prospects can immediately tell if you’re a reputable business by looking at your website. That’s why you must ensure that if you have a website, it has to be a high-quality, credible website will all the elements that project the best of your business.  Here’s what most prospects look … Read more

Website Content Tips for Business Owners

If you’ve ever wondered why some websites perform well and others don’t, the difference is in the website content. Website content is by far the most important element in any website yet most Malaysian web designers aren’t at all concerned. This is why our websites are designed with website content. … Read more