Big Timer Club

The enrolment for Apr-June is now closed.

Get the results you want in your business when you join our group for Big Timer Club. Nic will show you how to become more of what you want in a 3-month intensive strategy programme that combines group coaching, advice and strategy. At the end of 90 days, you are expected to produce a result that you want for your business.

As this is our pilot programme, you’ll be getting a tonne of value.

As this is our introductory rate, know that it is exclusive and special as we will never again offer this rate once we officially open the next enrolment.

What you’re getting when you enrol in our 3-month Big Timer Club programme: 
  • 3 months of intensive business strategy coaching to help you reach a business results (April, May and June). 
  • Only 10 slots available. This lets us pay attention to everyone in the group and truly customise solutions that enable your business to transform. 
  • We meet twice a month, face-to-face in George Town for 4 hours each time. Venue will be confirmed. 
  • We meet to discuss your specific business goal and how to achieve the goal in the next 90 days.
  • We will also meet online via a conference call once a month.


  • We give you the strategies and tactics which means not only do you get the big picture concept, you also get the how-to’s.
  • We will zoom in on what you’ve missed or taken for granted. We look at your business from the viewpoint of your customers and prospects so that you can make more money using what you currently have or own.
  • You will also play the Big Timer Pro version which is not currently available to the public. This lets you see more of the strategies that can be used in your own business.
  • Our aim is to help you as much we can so that you get what you want in terms of business or marketing. 

Isn't It Time For You To Get Where You Want To Go?

Our goal is to help you customise a solution for your business and change the way you think about marketing. Many times, you may feel you aren’t able to do it on your own. But in a group, it’s different. Your energy, ideas and implementation abilities grow exponentially. 

Why 3 months?
3 months is a good duration to get things moving. We will meet for a total of 6 times face-to-face and 3 times online. This gives you enough time to implement the strategies in your business as well as see results.

How many hours will we meet?
We will meet twice a month, face-to-face, 4 hours each session. Besides, we also have a 1-hour group Skype session monthly. Each month, we have 9 hours together to do some serious work.

When do we meet? 
Tentatively, here are our dates subject to group consensus: 
12 & 26 April (2pm -6pm)
10 & 24 May (2pm -6pm)
14 & 28 June (2pm -6pm)
Venue will be confirmed but it is most likely in George Town. 

When do we Skype?
19 April (9pm – 10pm)
17 May (9pm – 10pm)
21 June (9pm – 10pm)

Who will be teaching me?
Nic will be there to guide you as well as Krista. You’re getting their collective experience and knowledge! This is really a good deal as a consulting session with them is at RM3,000 per hour. You are now paying RM1,500 for so much more.


How do I pay?
You can pay monthly via direct bank debit.

What can I expect?
By the time the 90 days are up, you should experience some remarkable business results based on what you want to achieve.

What happens if I am unable to make it for all the dates and miss out on the group learning?
Our sessions will be recorded. If you miss a session, you can get access to the recordings. This way, you won’t miss a thing even if you’re suddenly unavailable.

Will you repeat this special offer?
No, unfortunately. We are piloting this 90-day programme and will only offer this programme at this super low price just this time. Once our programme officially launches, the price will definitely be higher than RM500 per month.

What else can I expect?
You will be playing Big Timer Pro, the 108-card advanced version of Big Timer. This game will deepen your understanding of your own business. We will show you what you can do in your business using the concepts from the Big Timer Pro. Only participants of this Big Timer Club programme will play Big Timer Pro. Also, expect to do work. Things can only work if you are an active participant in this programme.

When do I need to register?
Last day for registration is 8 April 2018. 

Thank you for your interest but our enrolment is now closed.
To get updates when it opens again, please leave your name and email below.