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marketing mojo penang

Where Is The Money?

Marketing Mojo concluded last week and as always, Nic and I look forward to meeting the entrepreneurs who turn up. Granted, many are returnees meaning they’ve bought all 4 tickets for our 4 sessions of Marketing Mojo this year but a number of people who have heard about our marketing

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kdu business pitching penang

Join Me at Startup Weekend George Town

Last month, I was involved as one of the judges in a business pitching competition at KDU University College. It was an internal business competition but many of the teams needed more polishing in terms of ideas and feasibility. Richard (far left in photo above) who was my fellow judge

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website seo tips

Can Prospects Find Your Website Without Advertising?

As marketers, we subscribe to a lot of emails and newsletters. One of them is from Facebook IQ. Facebook IQ is for advertisers as it helps to give them insights about Facebook advertising. To us, Facebook IQ is a persuasion channel to continue reminding us all that we need to

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targeting customer

How Do You Attract Customers You Desire?

When you first start out in business, you believe everyone is your customer. Everyone who has the capability to buy what you offer is a customer, right? Unfortunately, this fallacy affects a lot of entrepreneurs, even those who have been in business for more than 3 years. As we work

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What Happens If I Decide To Close My Website?

  This week’s website question is interesting. Someone asked: “What happens if you, having had a website for 10 years, suddenly decide to close it all down?” First of all, if you have had a website for 10 years and it is working well for you, there is no reason

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scrabble tiles

NGO Website Copywriting Makeover

Recently we’ve been asked by NGOs (that’s non-government organisations) to redesign their websites. NGOs are in a tricky place. They’re not business entities BUT they do a lot of work which benefits the community. But most NGOs I know think and act like NGOs. NGOs have a role in our community. They

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liu pao tea penang

Redbox Studio Is A Con Job?

Nic and I have been called many things in our lives but recently, we found out someone out there has been posting on and calling us professional cons! And this person kept copying and pasting the same message into different Low Yat forum topic categories (from web design threads

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big timer game kuching sarawak

Big Timer Game Goes To Kuching

Our card game for business owners is going places! We have been conducting this game to a number of business groups the past half year and it has been a fun-filled experience for our participants, comprising people who run their own businesses. We started with a public workshop of this

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villa molek best langkawi hotel

Villa Molek Langkawi Hotel Website Redesign

Client: Villa Molek Website: The Challenge: Villa Molek Langkawi has been our client for many years now. They started with us when they were almost ready to launch their business in the mid-2000s. Their business has been growing steadily over the years in tandem with Langkawi’s popularity as a

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nic sim krista goon

Malaysia 2.0 and What Some Friends Said

This is a post that’s a little different from our regular business posting. Nic and I were involved in the general elections that happened in May – we had served as PACA or Polling Agent & Counting Agent in the last general elections and we thought that was the end

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Marketing Mojo Penang

Turning Services Into Products

We’re back this 27 June 2018 with our 22nd edition of Marketing Mojo. This time, we’re talking about turning services into products. This would be good news for those of you who are right now in a service business. What’s a service business? It’s a business where you are providing

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Liu Pao tea in baskets

Ecommerce Helps Tea Distributor Expand His Customer Reach

Client: Chin Bee Tea Website: The Challenge: Chin Bee Tea is one of the four official Malaysian tea distributors for China Tea (Wuzhou), a major tea producer in China. They’ve been in the Liu Pao tea business for more than 30 years and it is a family-run business (they

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