Celebrating October

We’ve been extremely busy at Redbox Studio. We’ve been creating website after website without a break. While most businesses I know are suffering from lack, we’ve been doubly blessed with abundant referrals from clients and friends. I’ve even received calls from KL asking about our web copywriting services! (Which I … Read more

I Like To Buy But I Hate To Feel Sold To!

One of those things which Nic and I dislike a lot is that a lot of marketers love selling things. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with selling products and services – heck, we’re in business too and we know selling our web design, ecommerce and web marketing as well as … Read more

Women & Pixel Power

Finally, our holding page for The Pixel Project is up! (Thanks Vern! You’re amazing!) This is a temporary page while we get our bearings in order and work on the website. When I first met Regina last year (we were among the 18 finalists in the running for the Great … Read more

Monday Monopoly and Cendol

Just got back from seeing a new client – getting materials, photos and extra info. Seeing that today is so warm and humid, we decided to go in search of ais kacang after we finished meeting the client. But first we went in search of a van which sold ‘wan … Read more

If Your Target Market Are Youth, Then Read On…

Just read in today’s Star newspaper that 45% of Malaysian youth (aged between 8 to 24 years old) intends to use the Internet over other media. According to the survey carried out by Synovate, more Malaysian youth are going online to find useful information and to keep themselves updated with … Read more

Growing Your Own Air

Here’s a simple and effective way of growing your own air. Yes, air. That’s not a typo there. Air, not hair. In our office, we’re big believers of green plants. And in this video below, let Kamal Meattle tell you the top 3 plants you should have in your office … Read more

If You Have Not Eaten It, How Do You Know It’s Delicious?

I thought this was a great blog post by Jeremiah Owyang about vendors who recommend solutions to clients but often they themselves don’t even use that solution! I think that’s the worst possible crime to commit. Imagine your client asking you for a solution and you propose a solution that … Read more