Website Case Study: How A Reflexology Business Uses Its Website To Get More Business

Starting this month, we will be running a series of case studies to profile our clients. In the process, you’ll be able to learn how we work and why we do the things we do. As we’ve been in the web design and web marketing business for 13 years, we’ve … Read more

Cutting Out Crap Online

Let me say this clear and loud: I despise websites which copy content from article directories or get cheap writers to write a bunch of low-quality articles and use them so that they can earn money from the advertisement links peppered all over the websites. So that is why I’m … Read more

Asking The Most Important Question in Marketing

I posted a status update on our Facebook page recently which went like this: When you write (especially copy for marketing), always ask yourself: who am I targeting? Writing without a target in mind is like driving a car to nowhere. Many a time people are so excited about targeting … Read more

Do I Look Fat To You?

I know everyone loves The Biggest Loser Asia reality programme on TV. I like it a lot too, if only to watch the constant relationship issues (OK, arguments!) among the contestants. In every TV show, there’s just someone we love to hate – that’s the main villain. It keeps us … Read more

Izad Gets Featured in Gorgeous

Izad, one of our clients, was featured in Gorgeous magazine recently. Izad is a certified trainer for Law of Attraction, based on the famous book by author Michael Losier. In fact, Izad was one of the few Malaysians who had flown all the way to Canada to take Losier’s training … Read more

Rebecca Gets Featured in Woman’s Mag

We love it when clients get featured in the media. In this month’s Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine (Nov 2010), you can read all about Ethan, the inspiration behind the book “Great-grandma’s Hair Loss Remedy” which serves to educate and inform parents and children alike about the medical condition called alopecia … Read more

How to Evaluate a Franchise Business: 6 Tips

While I have much to say about the audio at the venue (it was an open area and very noisy so the organizers must take note of this for their next exhibition), I must say that one of the more educational talks was by a certain Mr TK Lee, a … Read more

Meeting The Gorgeous Ones Last Week

I was in KL last week to attend the Women Netpreneur 2010 Conference organized by Gorgeous Geeks, a special interest group under IASA (International Alliance of Software Architects). Alecia, the president of Gorgeous Geeks, had invited us from WomenBizSENSE (WBS) to attend. It so happened that we had a WBS … Read more