Why Us

We’re different from other website designers because we focus on marketing. We have been using websites for marketing
and communication since 1998. 

Marketing Results

If we have marketed ourselves and stayed visible, credible and profitable (and still re-inventing ourselves) for the past 23 years, imagine what we can do for you. 

Since 1998, we’ve been creating websites that help our clients sell themselves so well that they’ve become credible, visible and of course, profitable. 

Our websites produce visibility and credibility for our clients because we pay attention to marketing. In fact, everything we do starts with marketing. Marketing infuses the way we design, write and manage websites so that you obtain real benefits the moment you use our website design services (which includes a key component, website copywriting, that’s hard to replicate because good copywriting starts with understanding you and your business, inside out). 

We start with a discovery session first so that together we can determine your value proposition, your customer segments and what problems you’re solving for your customers. We may even go as far as creating a specific brand identity like how we’ve done for some clients so that you are memorable in a ‘noisy’ marketplace. Without a business and marketing strategy and identity, your website isn’t going to work as a part of your online marketing ecosystem

When you undergo this discovery session (which is a must for all clients) and work through the business and marketing with us, your website will be positioned to function as your best sales and marketing platform.  

Check out these case studies

Your Unique Story, Told With Richness & Heart

One of the secrets of getting a website that works like your best sales person comes down to your unique story. Many websites fail because they’re dull, boring and full of dry facts. 

When you work with us, we first interview you and your team. We want to know you as people first. Because people are the most fascinating creatures and every CEO has a good founding story to tell. And we want to help you put together your story so that it captivates your customers

Using your story, emotions and facts, we get to work! Our goal is to communicate an authentic and emotionally-engaging story. The story is as real as it gets and we ensure we articulate the absolute best of your business

Our process creates an intentional story so that your customers immediately understand what you do and why you do it. It brings you closer to them and you are a real person, rather than a large company. 

We have an innate ability to capture what’s unique about you and your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor with a private practice or a CEO with a 500-person workforce because everyone has a story to tell. You just have to work with the right people who understand the power of communicating to highlight how unique you are as a business owner. 

Very few people understand how to do this because this expertise is more than just writing skills; it is about understanding what your prospects and customers want to see, read, know and discover about your business (basically, marketing). Your story, when told well and with the utmost sincerity, will be instrumental in gaining their trust and empathy.

Marketing is about prospects knowing, liking and trusting you. Without know, like and trust, there is no sale. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or a corporation. Humans buy from humans. 

Here’s an example of how we helped bring a doctor’s story to life and in the process, brought him lots of business!   

Your Marketing, Taken Care Of

Unlike other providers, we take care of you and your marketing needs even after your website is completed and launched.  

We continue to manage your website because we believe that you should focus on what you’re great at and leave the rest to the people who can help you most. We are your marketing and website concierge

We know that the toughest part about going online is marketing and this is where we step in to help you get smart about navigating the digital world. We’ll help you overcome the challenges of the online world especially if you’re shorthanded or don’t have the right people on your team. 

We can help you manage and update your communications channels such as your LinkedIn Page or Facebook Page. We can help you plan a robust communications strategy to serve your customers and create content that positions you as the expert and authority in your field and industry. We can also create and provide the most appropriate online media platform to help you gain continuous visibility and credibility.  This is why we say that your website is a major part of your online marketing ecosystem. It is the start of your online marketing adventure

Besides these done-for-you services, you may also get our best strategies via our master classes, book and online programmes to help train your team. 

And of course, the best way to know what we offer is to be updated through our monthly email. 


Built On A Solid Foundation

Our Redbox X-Factor marketing system is based on Wing Chun, an age-old Chinese martial art. Our system – derived from Wing Chun’s incredibly potent principles – works to attract prospects and customers to your business, starting with a well-researched and well-positioned website.

If your website isn’t built right, no amount of Google advertising or website traffic will help you convert your visitors into buyers. It’s tragic, but it’s the cold hard truth!

Our  Redbox X Factor, used in all Redbox Studio website projects, is the foundation of the web design and marketing that we implement for clients.

Real People You Can Reach Out To

Online, it’s easy to hide behind a website. Many a time, you won’t know who runs the business. You’re afraid to even contact them because you don’t even know who they are.

In our case, you will always know who we are. After all, we’re veterans in the web design industry! Find us on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

You can easily reach out to us. This matters a lot because when you need help, you want to get help from a real person, not an automated system! 

We used to run our popular Marketing Mojo Meetup events (ran them for 7 years straight at China House Cafe) where we taught marketing to business owners. We stopped in 2019 as we wanted to focus on creating more value digitally. Running events are fun but they took up a lot of time! 

In 2020, we started our FB Live series where we interview business leaders for their ideas and strategies. Subscribe to our Youtube to get notified of these video interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners. We’re also conducting webinars to help more business owners understand how to market themselves strategically online. Sign up for our list to be alerted about these webinars. 

Prospects Can Find Your Website

Your website is developed to be search engine friendly which means we take into account that your website needs to rank organically.

If you have a website that you have to advertise to be “seen” or add on extra optimisation just so it can be found on Google, you need to have a serious talk with your web designer. 

When you get a website from Redbox Studio, you are getting a website that is made to be search engine-friendly. 

Because we know that you want your business to be found on Google, otherwise why even bother to get a website? 

Getting visible naturally on Google (yes, without having to pay for advertising) is part of what we build websites for. We can tell you that it takes keyword research and planning on top of other marketing research to help our website clients rank on the first page of Google organically.

It takes a lot of work – work that you probably won’t see or care about but you will know when your website starts appearing on search! This organic ranking is priceless as an organically ranked website is perceived to be far more credible than an advertised website. 

Our SEO success formula is built right into the website – a combination of in-depth research and planning, meticulous interviews, hours and hours of design and writing the right story to convey the right values and emotional connection and of course, smart marketing and SEO fundamentals

We Take Care Of The Tech

When we manage your website, we help you keep all the back-end in tiptop shape. All bugs are fixed, all pages are backed up and updated and anything that’s not right is made right again.

Every single day, we run updates on all the websites that we manage so that our clients’ websites are always accessible, free from unwanted problems like spammers and work with the most updated software and systems. 

You won’t see this because it’s not visible on the front-end of your website. But you’ll experience it when your website loads within 5 seconds and appears flawlessly in mobile and desktop and never experience unwanted website break-ins.

Know that your website is hosted on premium web servers (think of it like an exclusive gated community) and we pay to have professional server tech folks on standby to fix any issues if they happen.

And if anything breaks, know that you get to talk to real people instead of a robot. We’re accessible via phone, WhatsApp and email. 

Real Business Growth

We don’t just design and hand over your website to you. We take care of your website for you even after it’s completed and launched and this is why your results and business growth matter to us. 

We continuously monitor how you are doing with the marketing platform we developed for you. This is why we often check in with our clients to get their feedback and comments. Based on what’s working, we do more. If there are gaps, we work with you to find a win-win solution. After all, if you are in business, we are in business. Your success matters to us! 

Many testimonials are given happily because our clients themselves are thankful for the increase in business enquiries and heightened credibility from their websites in addition to saving their advertising money through their organic Google first page rankings.

Our testimonials are accompanied by the full names of our clients and their photos and speak of measurable, tangible results they obtained as a result of getting their websites developed and managed by Redbox Studio!