Our clients’ testimonials are proof that our website methodology works. Here’s what they say. 

"85% of Business Comes From Our Website"
Wong Wai Peng

Nic and Krista came all the way from Penang to visit us at our KL factory and helped us fine-tune our website based on the target audience we wanted to reach. Ever since then, we have been getting at least 85% of our new business from our website.

One customer from Iran got on a plane and flew into KL to visit us at our office and factory because he said he was so impressed by our website that he wanted to see [our GMP-certified factory] for himself!

We’re getting so much business now that we have a waiting list of 2 months for new orders for our skincare production. We know our website is doing so well for us because we’re getting at least 1 new enquiry a day and we always ask visitors where they’ve seen or heard of us.

Most, if not all, say they googled us and saw our website and were impressed enough to contact us. We’ve had to hire new staff to cope with the demand of creating new formulations.

Our staff has had to work overtime which is a good thing because most of our industry peers tell us the economy is not good. With our website now, we don’t need to go out and do roadshows (saving us at least RM15,000 each time).

We can focus on serving the customers who come to us through our website! I used to worry about our business as we were so new in the market, but it just goes to prove that having the right people build our website helped us connect to the right customers.

Even my own staff told me that after reading our own website, he was so tempted to be our customer! Your easy payment plans helped me too and now I realise what a difference the right website makes!

"Professionally Created Website"
Selvi Neelakandan
Executive Director, Penang Bar Committee

Our website has been instrumental in providing vital updates and information to our members.

Redbox Studio’s design for our website was created with our professional standards in mind and the Penang Bar Committee is impressed and thankful for Redbox Studio’s promptness and always-willing-to-help approach.

"Worth The Price You Pay!"
Dr Somaskandar Sivasuntharam
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist,
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Penang, Malaysia

I knew [that] Redbox Studio has done a good job with the Penang Medical Practitioner Society website previously when I was the society secretary. So I knew they were easy to work with and they were pleasant so I hired them.

What I valued the most – basically everything’s made easy [for me] as I am not a very high-end IT-person but they were able to make life easy for me, bringing it down to basic layman language.

If you’re considering doing your website, you should consider taking Redbox Studio – they are very good and they’re very professional. They are not too expensive although they might sound expensive and there are different modes of payment. And nothing good comes cheap nowadays.

It’s worth the price that you pay because you are guaranteed good services and good things in return.

"Attracts Qualified Customers"
TL Koay
KTL Electrical & Air Cond Engineering Sdn Bhd
Penang, Malaysia

I used to do a lot of print advertising for my air conditioning service business but with little results.

When I met Redbox Studio, I knew that they were different from the way they educated me about websites and how websites should be used. I met Nic when he called me up one day to fix and service their office air conditioner.

He never even tried to sell me any websites – in fact I was curious and asked him to tell me more about their website design services. I never had a a website before but the way Redbox Studio developed, wrote and positioned my website was so comprehensive that right now, my website ranks #1 on Google for air conditioning service and repair.

They explained to me how they were going to create and position my business so that I would never be compared to my competitors and it’s true. I am getting quality customers from my website. When website visitors contact me, they are not asking about pricing or what I can do that is different. All this is readily stated on my website. When they come to me, they are eager for me to help them with their air conditioning problems.

"Gets Customers Through The Door!"
Dr Khoo Saye Thiam
General Surgeon, Lam Wah Ee Hospital
Penang, Malaysia

Both Nic and Krista are very intelligent and also passionate about what they are doing. I appreciated the attention to detail in every aspect during the construction of the website, a philosophy that mirrors my own. Both of them are really easy to work with and are prepared to give me time to discuss ideas, address concerns, solve problems.

Each meeting I’ve had has merely reinforced that I made the right decision to go with Redbox Studio. Other companies aim to get visitors to the website. Redbox Studio aims to get customers through the door.

Thought you might like to know my website managed to pick up a patient from Nigeria who actually came for his operation! Really great demonstration of the reach of the website!

"Superb for Our Business"
Ooi Kheng Guan
Sunny Triumph Development,
Penang, Malaysia

Before we had our website, interested house-buyers, bankers and even lawyers would request for our brochure or information offline.

This took a lot of time and resources. That is why I am really happy we now have a truly informative and credible website which not only helps us answer all our customers’ questions (cutting down a lot of my staffs’ time) but also proves to be a superb marketing tool for our property development business.

Lots of good results from this online platform, thanks to the work of the team at Redbox Studio.

We wished we found them earlier!