All The Help You Can Get in Running Your Small Business

Running a business, small or big, is often a challenge. It may look simple, even effortless for people on the outside looking in but the reality is that running a business takes more than guts, it takes a certain ruthlessness, lots of optimism and a certain bravado. When Nic started … Read more

An Incredible Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs

I got to know Anna Campbell of Women Business Owners in mid 2004 back in the days when I was still working from home and I have been highly impressed with her work – she inspired me to set up my own businesswomen’s networking group, WomenBizSense in 2006. Anna is … Read more

What a Weekend!

Our weekends are generally quite relaxed unless we have a pile of events to attend. Usually this means anything that is outside of work. Seafood Dinner That’s So NOT Worth It Friday, we headed off for a seafood buffet dinner at Cititel downtown but let me tell you, it’s not … Read more