How Often Should I Update My Fans?

Was at a client’s office yesterday. One of the key questions that she asked was this: how often do we need to update our fans who follow us on Facebook and our tweets on Twitter? They said they were updating their Facebook statuses once every 3 days. Was that enough … Read more

How Can I Use Social Media?

Many businesses are quickly taking advantage of social media by going onto Facebook and Twitter. Maybe they’re doing that so they won’t be left behind. Or look like fuddy-duddies or dinosaurs from the last Jurassic Age. But there are also lots of people who refuse to go online. They fear … Read more

Making Them Love You (And Buy Your Products)

Read this excellent article on Dosh Dosh just today. (By the way, we were travelling the past couple of days. Had a great time in KL – a brief break to visit friends hence the brief silence on the blog.) A friend whom I am working with on a hush-hush … Read more