It’s Not About The Freaking SEO And Here’s Why

In recent months, when I talk to clients or prospects, everyone seems to know about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO means optimising your website with the right keywords, description and page titles so that when people search, they can find your website listed on the first page of search … Read more

Don’t Waste Your Website

I always get annoyed when people tell me they just want a website designed just because everyone they know has a website. If this is the case, my answer would be: “Don’t have a website because you don’t know the first thing about websites.” You see, again and again I … Read more

How Does Your Company Engage With The Outside World?

I was reading HubSpot’s blog post by Pete Caputa on hiring B2B marketing consultant and one sentence stood out: Your site is more important than you might realize “Enquiro surveyed 1,000 B2B buyers and found that ‘respondents across all phases indicated that the website of the vendor’ was the top … Read more

Never Design Your Own Website Unless You Know What You’re Doing

A friend of mine (let’s call him John) called up a few months ago to talk about redesigning his business website. He said he designed his website using MS Frontpage. I gave him a number of tips and told him if he ever needed help, he could let me know … Read more