Ideas You Can Use To Improve Your Website Instantly

Over the past few years of blogging, we’ve written 463 useful blog posts about websites, website designs, website content (or how to write for your website which still stumps a lot of folks), marketing your website and lots more. These posts are truly evergreen and as such, we’ve selected the … Read more

What Makes A Website Look Horrible….

What makes a website horrible or cheap or tacky? We’ll tell you. Over the years, we’ve seen some truly cheap and bad website designs. Here’s a list of what NOT to do when you are thinking of getting your website designed. 1. Advertising We still don’t get it why perfectly … Read more

Should Your Link Open in a New Window?

Someone asked me if it was all right to have links within their company blog to open up in a new window. Apparently, she’d heard that it was better to do it that way. The reason was, if the blog didn’t open up a new window when a link was … Read more