Website Content Tips for Business Owners

If you’ve ever wondered why some websites perform well and others don’t, the difference is in the website content. Website content is by far the most important element in any website yet most Malaysian web designers aren’t at all concerned. This is why our websites are designed with website content. … Read more

Unlocking The Secrets of Excellent Website Content

  Here’s one thing most website designers don’t emphasize: website content. Website content or the lack of content is usually the problem for most websites especially websites for SMEs in Malaysia. It’s not just a lack of content – it’s also poorly written content or content that is dull or uninteresting! … Read more

How To Organize Contests & Get People To Participate

We promised to share about organizing contests online. If you’ve been following us recently, you’d know that we organized a contest to celebrate Malaysia Day in September and another contest to celebrate our 16th anniversary in October. Basically 2 contests back to back. Or almost. Many of you would have … Read more