What Makes A Website Look Horrible….

What makes a website horrible or cheap or tacky? We’ll tell you. Over the years, we’ve seen some truly cheap and bad website designs. Here’s a list of what NOT to do when you are thinking of getting your website designed. 1. Advertising We still don’t get it why perfectly … Read more

Should Your Link Open in a New Window?

Someone asked me if it was all right to have links within their company blog to open up in a new window. Apparently, she’d heard that it was better to do it that way. The reason was, if the blog didn’t open up a new window when a link was … Read more

Are You a Narcissistic Designer?

Narcissism is not design. I don’t quite care if you’re a web designer or a graphic designer. If you profess yourself to be a designer with oomph (and I hope there’s pride in your work), you should get the idea that I am quite against narcissism in designers, having worked with many designers over the years.

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