Why We Organise Free Talks

We started our series of free talks in August last year and we’ve been grateful for the support from friends, clients and new friends. Our talk announcements appear in The Star and The Sun as well as get announced over Mix FM and Light & Easy radio stations. Plus we … Read more

The Agony of Finding Right People

We are up to our eardrums in work but I guess you would have known that by now. Our poor blog take a back seat when things get really mad and busy around here. We’re also sussing out potential employees (you really don’t know how hard it is to find … Read more

What Autumn Looks Like

I looked out of our office window today and saw that the grass was turning a shade of gold, almost like autumn! Sure, the heat’s on and the plants are getting their share of being sunburnt but if you stretch your imagination a bit, you could even believe it’s autumn … Read more