Deal or No Deal… How to Sniff Out a Bad JV

Having been in this business for 10 years, I can say I’ve met lots of wonderful people and I’ve learnt lots from them. I’ve even had good mentors (even if they didn’t know they were mentors in the first place) and I’ve had good karma to meet some amazing personalities too.

Yet I’ve also met people who like to think of themselves as visionaries and big idea generators. I don’t mind listening to them. You can always sharpen your thought patterns if you listen long enough.

These folks like to include the term ‘win-win’ in their discussions. (Just like everyone says, think out of the box. Like what the heck? People who usually use this cliche in their conversation/speech don’t have a clue what it’s about. I say, why think out of the box if you don’t even know what the box is? What is it with people egging others to be creative when they have no idea what being creative is? Being creative is NOT about mashing colours, typefaces, using the latest cool tool, etc. But I reserve my two cents for another blog post, worthy of its own title.)

The problem is, many people don’t understand the term ‘win-win’.

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