Which Font Are You?

It’s been one of those weeks…you know, lots of work, lots of decisions and yes, lots of waiting for clients for stuff they owe us. Plus you know how bloody hot sizzling the weather is in Penang. So hot I can fry an egg on the road. So I go … Read more

Unexpected Yet Pleasant Surprise

We had a visitor at our office this afternoon. We were taken by surprise. At first we didn’t recognize him. After all it had been more than a year since we last saw him. (You know how awkward it is when you know a face and not know his name … Read more

What Autumn Looks Like

I looked out of our office window today and saw that the grass was turning a shade of gold, almost like autumn! Sure, the heat’s on and the plants are getting their share of being sunburnt but if you stretch your imagination a bit, you could even believe it’s autumn … Read more

Our Birthday But You Get Lucky…

Got back from Kuching last week where we spent a week at my parents’ home, doing literally nothing. We tried to catch some of the action during the Sarawak Regatta but didn’t manage to see anything interesting as we arrived late noon at the Kuching Waterfront that Sunday. Interestingly, we … Read more

Glammed Up for the Awards

It was a wonderful honour for us at Redbox Studio when I found out that I was nominated for the Malaysian Women’s Weekly’s Great Women of Our Time Awards (Science & Technology) category.

I got a call from Stephanie of Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine the week before and all of a sudden I was flying into KL for the interview, photo shoot and video session. It was a beautiful surprise!

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