What Really Frustrates Ecommerce Users

If you own an online store or thinking of owning one, here’s something that you should make a note of. Ecommerce is about making the buying process as simple and as easy as you can. An ecommerce transaction that is completed means a few things: 1. The buyer has the … Read more

9 Tips for Taking Good Product Photos

Here are more tips for those who are selling goods online and want to make their product photos stand out. 1. Take a portion of the product. It could be half or three-quarter of the product. You don’t need to show the whole product. Use a thumbnail of the partial … Read more

E-commerce: Improve Your Site To Improve Your Sales

I read an interesting article today, and it was titled “Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales”. The interviewee of the article is none other than Dr Jakob Nielsen. Nielsen is the guru of web usability. While I don’t quite like his plain website (the text just goes on and … Read more