How Does Your Company Engage With The Outside World?

I was reading HubSpot’s blog post by Pete Caputa on hiring B2B marketing consultant and one sentence stood out: Your site is more important than you might realize “Enquiro surveyed 1,000 B2B buyers and found that ‘respondents across all phases indicated that the website of the vendor’ was the top … Read more

If You Have Not Eaten It, How Do You Know It’s Delicious?

I thought this was a great blog post by Jeremiah Owyang about vendors who recommend solutions to clients but often they themselves don’t even use that solution! I think that’s the worst possible crime to commit. Imagine your client asking you for a solution and you propose a solution that … Read more

Today’s PR Is Not Your Mama’s PR Anymore

Throughout the year, we get a lot of enquiries from local PR and ad companies who want us to send them a rate card. A rate card simply means a price listing of products/services. They want a rate card so that they can tag on web design as part of … Read more

Redbox Studio Speaks on Blogging at KDU Penang

We were among the invited guest speakers at yesterday’s event at KDU Penang, a local college. We were among speakers such as public speaking extraordinaire, Gerald Green and actor-cum-playwright, Himanshu Bhatt. The Literary Day event was organised by KDU Penang in conjunction with the National Reading Month, inviting the public … Read more