Help your team and yourself get up to speed with online marketing strategies so that you can grow your business inn smarter ways. We teach and train small groups and private companies how to market smarter digitally.

web Experience &
online Expertise

When you hire Redbox Studio to teach and train your team and organisation, you are working with people who have credibility, authority and experience. Your audience will be empowered and engaged!  

It’s not easy to get speakers who are credible, articulate and easy to work with.

It’s even more challenging to get speakers who have the right experience and expertise.

If you would like speakers who are all of the above and able to educate your audience while empowering them, we can help. 

We have the right combination of experience, expertise and energy. After all, we’ve been running our web design business since 1998. We’ve taught small businesses owners and entrepreneurs how to market their businesses successfully using their websites.

Our experience led us to write our book titled Web Wisdom so that we could help more entrepreneurs use their websites to market more profitably. We’ve also invented a game for entrepreneurs called Big Timer

Universities, NGOs and businesses have invited us to speak such as INTI University & College, KDU University College, Penang Women Chamber of Commerce, Universiti Sains Malaysia and more. (Discover more about Nic Sim & Krista Goon.)

We’ve also spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs through our own events (Tech Tuesday and Marketing Mojo) and workshops. We’ve also been featured in the media since 2004. 

Therefore we can speak with authority about websites, marketing, communication, PR and more! 

Topics we cover:

  • How To Market Successfully With Your Website (Nic Sim)
  • The Smarter Way To Use Your Website to Get Leads, Clients & Profit (Krista Goon)
  • Why SMEs Need a Powerful Content Strategy & How To Formulate One (Krista Goon)

Other topics can be discussed based on needs. Private workshops are also available.

If you’d like to work with us for your next event or hire us to train your team privately, please fill this form

We will call you to have a quick discussion once we receive your form. We want to be sure we are aligned to the same values before we speak at your event. 

Once we agree to work together, we will promote the event on our own networks, website, blog and social media platforms.