Premium Web Design

A premium website researched, designed, written and strategised by Redbox Studio is your best marketing platform. It tells an unforgettable story about your brand and business. It transforms prospects into customers. 

Most websites do not work because they are not built for a specific target audience.

When you don’t know who your website is serving, it will not serve your business.

Since 1998, we have been getting excellent results for business owners in terms of visibility, credibility and profitability.

If you want your website to help you market more effectively, consider using our premium website development package.

What you're getting when you get a Redbox Studio website:
  • We start with a Business Clarity session via Zoom to discuss marketing fundamentals. Our 24 years of business experience means we can zoom in on what you’ve missed or taken for granted. We look at your business from the viewpoint of your customers and prospects.  
  • We focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our premium websites often appear on the first page of Google because they are built from the start with a solid SEO foundation. 
  • Our websites are stylish, contemporary and visually interesting. If you believe in the same design aesthetics, then it’s much easier to work together. 
  • Colours and design elements of your website are carefully picked to give your business an overall brand consistency. 
  • We’ll interview you to find what’s compelling about your business. This helps us craft the right story for your website. 
  • Your website content is written to help you sell. Your website is going to be your best sales person and it must convince and persuade. 
  • Your website is hosted in a secure, private web server only available to Redbox Studio clients.
  • Your website is managed by us once it is completed and launched. It’s important to factor in website management costs when you are thinking of getting a website. 
  • When we take on your website design project, we deliver the completed website within 8 weeks.
  • Throughout the process, you will be communicating with us via our online project management system. Our aim is to keep deliverables clear, keep communication open and the work process as easy as possible. 
  • A premium website is NOT for everyone and we don’t accept every custom order until we know we are able to help you and you understand how we work. If you don’t know your business, your website won’t be of help. 
  • When you get a premium website, it can be the secret marketing weapon that none of your competitors will ever know about as proven by our clients’ results
  • Once you have a premium website with us, we can help you with your marketing and content creation needs. Without a website, no amount of digital marketing or advertising will help! 

Are You Ready To Get Results?

Our website helps you get visible online. It convinces prospects to trust you and ultimately, buy from you. It makes you unique and memorable. Would you like to get these results with your website?

What To Expect When You Work With Redbox Studio 

  • Step-by-step expert guidance to help you in layman language 
  • Realistic time frames, clear to-do lists and easy-to-understand communication 
  • Strong technical, design and innovation capabilities plus copywriting expertise
  • Quick responsive replies with accurate information and accountability
  • Easy processes and instructions on what you need to prepare and get ready for 
  • Pragmatic marketing advice
  • Concise meetings during website development phases to ensure full buy-in from everyone
  • Marketing services after website launch based on our proprietary Big Timer system (if needed)
  • Content creation services after website launch (content strategy, email marketing, video services, podcasting, training and workshops etc. if needed)
  • Reliable and consistent after-launch support for website management 

What To Expect From Your Website 

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