Our 20 years of experience translates into results that grow your business. Attract customers, get visible on Google and get ahead of your competitors. 

Our clients didn’t change anything in their business – but they did get their websites designed by Redbox Studio.
Our process works because we focus on marketing. We build marketing right into your website. 
Marketing Strategy

Your website is made for marketing. It includes the right story and concept, well-researched keywords, proper images right down to carefully selected colours and fonts. All these are combined strategically so that your business attracts the right customers!

Attract Search Engines

We make your website super attractive to search engines using natural methods. Your website is visible in search engines and you don't have to advertise if you don't want to!

Design That Works

Your website is designed with strategy after researching and understanding your business. Colours are carefully chosen, as are fonts and the use of space to reflect your brand, marketing and message.

Words That Win

Win over customers with the right words. We create the right website content for you based on what you do best. We've been crafting power-packed copywriting for our clients since 1998 and we know how to use the right words to help you win customers online.


Your website is easily viewed on smartphones without the need to zoom. This helps with search engine rankings. Text and images are easy to read and you never need to pay extra for your mobile version.

Managed For You

Your website is managed for you after it is completed and launched. We do this because we know you need time to focus on your business. Let our team keep your website in tiptop shape so that it continues to help you market!

Why Us?

We have the expertise to help you attract customers
and we’ve been doing so since 1998.

Get Customers Through The Door
Other companies aim to get visitors to the website. Redbox Studio aims to get customers through the door.
Dr Khoo Saye Thiam
General Surgeon, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang
Company With Expertise
I like that they are a company with expertise and are really committed to developing business websites that show a REAL difference.
Katharine Chua

Doctors, lawyers, accountants & entrepreneurs are using websites
to market their practices and businesses. What about you?

Penang Surgeon

Dr Khoo is a laparoscopic surgeon in Penang. His website is designed to reflect his compassion and kindness. It also educates patients using specific case studies and stories, making him THE surgeon among surgeons which ultimately, helps him attract the right kind of patients.

Pregnancy Doctor Penang

Dr Somaskandar has seen a significant increase in patient numbers as a result of his well-crafted website. He’s an obstetrician who helps women with fertility issues. His website ranks extremely well in search engines thanks to our understanding of search engine optimisation.

J Life Global

J Life Global is an eco-friendly and GMP-certified personal skincare product manufacturer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their ecommerce website helps them sell their own brand of products as well as promote their OEM skincare manufacturing services to pharmacies, beauty salons and spas.

Penang Bar
Penang Bar has been our client for 10 years. It is the official website of the Penang Bar Committee which represents lawyers in Penang, Malaysia. This website helps them communicate more effectively while reducing administrative and paper costs (and helps them earn good advertising revenue too!).
Synergy 101

Synergy 101 is an outsourcing company specialising in finance, payroll and human resource services. Their website is designed to differentiate themselves from other accounting services providers. They are ranked well on search engines as their keywords have been specially planned and written into the website.