Redbox Studio offers these webinars to serve and support you as a business owner. 

For Business Owners Who Want To Get The Real Stuff Without The Sales Pitch 

If you’re a business owner who is just trying to ensure you get your sales and marketing going every month, our webinars are perfect for you. 

We teach what we know (and since we have been around since 1998), we have seen quite a lot of stuff! 

What doesn’t grow old is keeping yourself updated without losing sight of your business fundamentals. Take it from us – we are massive learners and learn from webinars, conferences, online classes and more. That’s how we have stayed relevant since we began business some 20+ years ago. 

Ongoing learning and application of knowledge are key success factors now and into the future.

So this is why we encourage you to participate in our webinars. 


Why You’ll Love These Webinars: 
  • They’re private, online classes that are taught live

  • Ask questions and get honest answers from people who are industry experts. 

  • Take this class from the comfort of your home. You can take this class from wherever you are. 

  • Get into action with our workouts. We want to ensure your learning is complete and actionable.  

  • It’s practical knowledge that you can apply and see results. 

  • Learn from industry experts who have more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

  • To find out about upcoming webinar topics, join our mailing list. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join but I can’t make it on this date.
Will you be having this online class again?

You’ll know of the next date for this topic if you are on our mailing list.

What other topics will you teach in the coming future?
If you have attended our events before, you know we only teach what has been tried and tested. Other topics in the pipeline include:

  • Starting your website successfully
  • Marketing yourself with your website 
  • Creating quality content for marketing
  • Email marketing – Why it’s a must in business today
  • Strategies to sell effectively online & more

Can I share this page with my friends?
Go head! Good things must be shared!

Is there a maximum capacity?
We accept 15 to 20 people per webinar session because we want you to get individualised attention from our presenters. 


What do I need to take this class?
A laptop and a good Internet connection.

Will you be using Zoom?

Can I ask questions during the class?
You can do so using the chat function in the webinar or unmute yourself to ask verbally. 

Will 2 hours be enough for me to understand and apply what is taught?
You get the workouts to help you further. We teach with lots of examples and how-to’s so it is never just concepts and abstract ideas. We teach so that you can understand and apply the ideas right into your business.

How do I get updated about future webinars?
Get on our mailing list. Specials, early bird rates and other business-friendly information will be available to you if you are on our mailing list. Sign up today if you haven’t done so!