Marketing Mojo Meetup

Thank you for your interest in our premium business and marketing event for entrepreneurs in Penang. We concluded our 28th session on 27 November 2019, capping 7 years of amazing moments – bringing Penang entrepreneurs together to discuss, learn and share about marketing challenges, strategic thinking and more. We will be back with a new programme to help entrepreneurs.  Stay updated by signing up for our newsletter

  • Want to meet quality business owners and entrepreneurs? 
  • Enjoy discovering smarter ways to market especially in today’s ever-changing business landscape? 
  • Like to get a roomful of entrepreneurs helping you uncover strategies for your own business?

If yes, then join us for Marketing Mojo Meetup, the premium meetup for business owners where you get all of the above in a fun environment that’s China House Cafe. 

We started Marketing Mojo in 2012 because we realized business owners need to connect with other business owners in a high-trust environment.

Nic Sim, CEO and founder of Redbox Studio, has been teaching and facilitating the meetups and marketing discussions for 6 years now.

Our aim is to focus on practical strategies that can be used by business owners to get real results.

All teachings are based on our One Mountain, One Dragon framework. 

You’ll learn:
  • identifying your various customer segments so you know where to look for them
  • setting the proper criteria and guiding principles so that you only attract the customers you want 
  • attracting your best customers using your website and social media platforms 
  • creating products for your customers even if you’re selling services
  • creating grades of products for different segments of customers 
  • understanding your retail and distribution points to reach out to specific markets 
  • getting the right partners and collaborators to work with you to scale the business efficiently 
  • ensuring your digital branding is done right so your key messages are understood by prospects immediately
  • crafting an authentic story for your business as a positioning strategy

Practical Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Want smart business ideas? Join us at Marketing Mojo!  

Because we’ve worked with so many different businesses in the past 21 years, we have enough experience, skills and knowledge to show you what works and what doesn’t. 

What started out as a way to educate our clients and friends about marketing for entrepreneurs since 2012 has turned into a much anticipated event 4 times a year.
You’ll experience an abundance of marketing ideas and strategies like never before. Everyone is fun, friendly and eager to help each other out during our Marketing Mojo Meetups even if you’ve just met them five minutes before!

Whether you’ve just started business or been in business for a few years now, Marketing Mojo helps you use what you already have right here, right now to become a better entrepreneur. 

All Marketing Mojo Meetups include free flow of coffee, tea and cakes; marketing materials and the opportunity to network with business owners.
You’ll meet and network with other business owners at Marketing Mojo Meetups. Partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures are sparked when you get to know the right decision makers within a high trust environment.
Clear Concepts For Everyone
Catchy, simple. I am going to take it back to my department and share this with them. This is beneficial for small businesses and even marketers as well. Continue to organize them!”
Nancy Ong
Penang Adventist Hospital
Moving Our Business Forward
Marketing Mojo Meetup lessons are easy to understand. We will definitely use what we've learnt in our business to get the right target customers. I truly enjoy these sessions!
Teoh Hee Ay
Thunder Print Sdn Bhd

When You Attend, You're Really Saying,
“I Care About The Success Of My Business”.

And you should.

Play and learn through our self-developed business game called Big Timer. This helps you understand at a deeper level the marketing concepts we teach.
Our group marketing discussions help you master your marketing and take charge of your business.
Practical Marketing Advice
"Marketing Mojo presents an easy and practical way for business owners to understand the fundamentals of business. When we played Big Timer, we realised that time is the biggest commodity that influences our potential earning capacity. Nic shows this by encouraging play where everyone learns NLP in a fun way. I enjoy the lively discussions, networking and after event chit chats where everyone brings something to the table!"
Doris Lim
Founder & Editor,
Focus on Expertise & Strengths
"A place to rest and refresh myself, sit back and relax while connecting with other business owners. Coming for Marketing Mojo puts a smile on my face each time as I learn about new ideas. I’ve transformed my mindset about doing more. Instead I’m learning to focus on my expertise while doing less! I learn about collaborating with others - combining strengths, expertise and skills and becoming stronger as a result. And of course, I love meeting all the different business owners too!"
Susan Choo
Property Agent

What decision will you make today
that will matter one year from now? 

Learn how to apply strategies that make money for your business
when you join our high energy and popular sessions. 

Marketing Mojo 2019 topics:

3pm to 6pm 

China House Cafe, Beach Street, Penang
(The Vic’s)

RM150 per person per session

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