Marketing Your Web Site Offline

A couple days ago, I met an interior decorator at a networking event. Since I am in the web design business, I asked her if she had a web site for her business. She replied that she had a web site a couple years ago, but never got any business from it so she shut it off. My next question was “Well, how did you market it?” She stared at me blankly and asked “Market it?”

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I Don’t Need A Website!….Do I?

Once upon a time, in a small home office, a busy entrepreneur wondered why he wasn’t quite as busy as he would like to be. “I market my business as much as possible”, said the entrepreneur, who has implemented many marketing procedures while running his business.

Our entrepreneur, we’ll call him Bob, runs a computer repair business. His services allow him to provide his clients with his expert advise, either in their offices, by email, or on the phone. Because of this, Bob has a large potential market, both locally and internationally.

Bob has a great brochure, filled with all his features and benefits; he attends as many networking events as he can; he advertises in the local newspapers; and he has a huge ad in the yellow pages. But, Bob doesn’t have a website. Why?

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Most Effective And Most Inexpensive Ad

Probably you presume that I will write about eZine ads. No I won’t.

Even though they are effective and inexpensive, they will come only after you successfuly accomplish the most important ad in Internet Business – your own Web page.

What? You consider Web site as a product not as an ad. Well, in business Web page is an ad.

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How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Work-At-Home Business

Working at home in your home business has many advantages and many, many individuals now are choosing to start their own work at home businesses. The flexibility of a home business, as well as the freedom achieved with your own work at home business is an opportunity that is desired by many online now.

The real “secret to success” of any home business, however, lies in its marketing strategy, and effective marketing of any work at home business should always be given top priority.

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