Case Studies

Websites for doctors, NGOs, retailers, authors, restaurants, manufacturers, hoteliers and more. Here’s how we helped them get the results that they enjoy today. 

Villa Molek Langkawi Hotel Website Redesign

Client: Villa Molek Website: The Challenge: Villa Molek Langkawi has been our client since 2007. They started with us when they started their hotel business in Langkawi. Their business has been growing steadily over the years in tandem with Langkawi’s popularity as a holiday destination. As Villa Molek offers only

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Marketing Your Restaurant With A Website

Do restaurants and cafes need websites? Of course. Especially in today’s world where we will check out the cafe and restaurant and ogle at their dishes and food before we even step into the premises! It’s expected because food excites the senses. Look at all the food blogs out there.

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When An NGO Website Gets Hacked

Here’s a true story with a lesson behind it. I was googling this regional NGO just this week because I couldn’t remember its website address. When Google showed me the results, I looked closer and surprise, surprise, saw that this NGO’s website had been compromised. See screenshot below.   As

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Tips & Ideas From A Hotel Website Design

As we’re currently working on a boutique hotel website with a hotel booking system, we thought it’ll be fun to reveal what we do when we say we are working on a website design project. The Challenge: Rose, the owner of a boutique hotel in George Town, approached us because

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Gynaecologist Attracts Pre-Qualified Patients

A Penang gynaecologist uses a website to attract pre-qualified patients who know about him even before they step into his clinic. Check out his video at the end of this case study. Client: Dr Somaskandar Sivasuntharam Website: The Challenge: Dr Somaskandar is good at what he does as an

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Saving Lives, Thanks To A Website We Built

Dr Khoo, a client of ours, emailed us just two days ago excitedly. “Thought you might like to know my website managed to pick up a patient from Nigeria who actually came for his op! Really great demonstration of the reach of the website!” Even his wife was surprised and a little

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