Budget Web Package

If you don’t have a website, your business is invisible to the world and you can’t do digital marketing effectively.

We have a quick way to help you get started.

Redbox Easyweb is a professionally constructed website with content written for you that gets you online in just 14 days

It is convenient and easy because the package comes with a domain name, quality web hosting, a website with content and technical support.

The best part is, you can also log in to add news and promotions or products if you like. Otherwise, leave it to our team to update the website for you. 

We help you get started so you can work on growing your business. 

If you don’t have a website today, your business is invisible online.

Without a website, there’s no point engaging in digital marketing or social media marketing! 


Is it for you? It is if… 
  • you need a website but cannot write or design your own
  • you want to sell products online via simple e-commerce 
  • you’ve just started your business 
  • you want to hire good employees 
  • you want to bid for a project
  • you want to project your expertise 
  • you want to showcase the projects you’ve done
Your business needs  a website…

Without a website, what’s the point of advertising online or promoting your products on social media? You have nowhere to lead your prospects to!

How Visible Is Your Business?

If you don’t have a website, your business is totally invisible online! Why are you invisible when you can get a website easily? 

How Do You Get A Website In 14 Days?

New & Improved Website Solution For Businesses

How do you get a website or create a website for your business?

A typical website set-up requires you to buy your own domain name, get your own web hosting and design your own website from ground zero. You have to write your own website text and find images to spice up your website.

Most business owners have no time, cannot write and are not web designers.  

With Redbox Easyweb, you get a  professional business website set-up in 14 days including written content (text and images) and web hosting.

You get to start your website easily without needing to worry about how or what and certainly nothing technical. 

Get details at RedboxEasyweb.com

Stylish & Standardized!
The best part about using Redbox Easyweb is that most of the designing and layout of the website has been stylishly standardized.
Kester Hong