Want to market Better?

If you want to market your business effectively, you need to start with a credible website. Once you have a credible website, you can start advertising and running promotions online. Without a website as the final destination for your prospects, all your advertising is a pure waste of money.

Most website problems start when business owners try to create their own websites. 

If you value your time as a business owner and know that your time is better spent on talking to customers rather than waste time trying to create or design your own website, then this is the website solution for you. 

What sets this website solution apart from others is that it is a website with professionally-written content

Understandable, straightforward and easy-to-read website content helps your website rank better in Google, converts visitors into prospects and makes your business stand out from the rest! 

You get a complete website in two versions – desktop and mobile. Your website content has specific call-to-actions to enable visitors to take the next step – call or email you.

Redbox Easyweb is a website solution that is done-for-you in one convenient package: it also comes with a domain name, premium web hosting plus technical support. And if you want to add on online selling capabilities, that’s available too. 

Our team takes care of the updates for you (updating news, articles and announcements). 

We help you get started so you can work on growing your business. 

If you don’t have a website today, your business is invisible online. And you can’t run Facebook campaigns or Instagram ads.

Without a website, advertising on social media is a waste of time and money because you have nowhere to lead your prospects to!

What’s more important, without a credible website, you can’t grow your brand! 

Is this website solution right for you? It is if… 
  • you need a website but don’t want to create your own because you know you’re NOT a web designer 
  • you prefer to have an outsourced team to manage your website 
  • you want a done-for-you solution that fits your budget
  • you want to sell products online via a simple online shop 
  • you’ve just started your business 
  • you want to hire good employees 
  • you want to bid for a project
  • you want to showcase your expertise 
  • you want to list the projects you’ve done
  • you want to stop losing customers who shop by price on cheap shopping platforms
  • you’re frustrated with the PMs you get in Facebook (you keep repeating yourself and it’s a time-waster) 
  • you need to be in control of your own brand, what you sell and how you sell 

We have been designing and managing websites since 1998 and authored a book about websites so we know what works and we’re here to help you get started.

Redbox Easyweb is a stylish website solution with written-for-you content so that right from the start, you are positioned to stand out professionally from the rest of your competitors. 

When your website has quality content, it ranks better in Google so that you can get more prospects and customers!



How Visible Is Your Business?

If you don’t have a website, your brand is totally invisible online! Stop letting your competitors win when you can easily solve your biggest problem with our website solution. 

The Biggest Problem With Websites...

Is Not The Design But The Content of the Website! 

You know what’s problematic with most websites? The lack of credible content.

Credible, well-written content helps your website rank better in Google, converts visitors into prospects and makes your business stand out from the rest! 

A typical website set-up requires that you provide content to the web design company. But let’s face it, you’re not a copywriter. You can’t write any more than two lines about your business. And you don’t have a writer on your team either. And you’re not sure how much it would cost you to hire a writer separately. 

We get it. Most business owners don’t have enough time, cannot write and are not web designers.  

So we decided that we should help you get started in the best possible way with Redbox Easyweb. 

Start your first website easily without needing to worry about how to write or what to design or include in your website. Leave all the technical stuff to us. 

Check it out at RedboxEasyweb.com

Stylish & Standardized!
The best part about using Redbox Easyweb is that most of the designing and layout of the website has been stylishly standardized.
Kester Hong