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krista goon

12 Sept: Developing Your Marketing Foundation

We hear you! Many of you have asked us to teach marketing and we now have opened a virtual class to do just this. It’s virtual so you can join us from anywhere in Malaysia. What’s interesting is that it isn’t just ONE class and that’s it. You continue learning

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trademark consultant gordian

FB Live With A Trademark & IP Consultant

In this episode that we just completed, I spoke to Gordian Consultancy co-founder, Rebecca Chong. She is an IP agent and trademark consultant where she helps businesses with all matters related to trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs with the aim of protecting our intellectual property. She shared with us some

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jery yeoh whytehouse education penang

FB Live with Whytehouse Education founder, Jery Yeoh

Just completed Episode 10 of our FB Live series with Jery Yeoh, the founder and executive director of Whytehouse Education Group. He was open and frank about education in Malaysia, teachers’ training, why he doesn’t ever offer discounts, how he marketed himself, why he spends so much on marketing, what

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kebun kota pahang

FB Live with Kebun Kota Co-founder, Kaniza Shafie

Just completed an amazing FB Live session with Kebun Kota co-founder, Kaniza Shafie. We had a great time talking about food crops, living responsibly and sustainable practices that are simpler and kinder to the Earth. What is an urban farm? What can we do if we only have one tiny

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Cropped shot of man working on his project while typing on laptop computer in his comfortable room

Bitcoin & Email Threats

Today, we got an email that a client forwarded us. She was worried and decided to forward it to us and ask us if it is legit. The email was basically an email that threatened her to pay up in Bitcoin and if she didn’t, the guy would expose her

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yeoh chen chow

FB Live with Fave Co-founder, Episode 6

Just completed my FB Live with Chen Chow. Here’s the video in case you missed it. In this episode, Chen Chow talks about: what he defines as a good strategy the business books he is currently reading why he believes Fave isn’t doing the delivery game any time soon how

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FB Live -Getting Cash Flow Into Your Business, Episode 5

UPDATE: Here’s the video of our FB Live that just ended an hour ago. In Episode #5 coming up this Saturday, I will be speaking with Hayley James from Australia where we will be discussing practical ways to generate cash as we ease back into business post-pandemic. She’ll be giving

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dr somas

FB Live with a Gynaecologist, Episode 4

In Episode #4 of our ongoing FB Live series, I will be talking to Dr Somas who is a long-time client of ours on FB Live. He has been using a customised website that we designed for him (including positioning and web copywriting) to attract a steady stream of female

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selling online

18 May: Webinar – Selling On Your Website

Over the past few weeks, I have been talking a lot about online marketing and online selling. The one we did with Penang Women’s Development Corporation was an overview to give everyone an idea of common ways to sell online or start online retailing. But I have also received requests

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