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A Consultant’s Dilemma

Just a few weeks ago, I heard a speaker-cum-consultant proudly tell the audience during her presentation that she doesn’t have a business card nor a website. And….she has been in business for more than 3 years. I was not surprised because a lot of consultants don’t know the value of

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badrie bob abdullah unitar tulips

FB Live: The Art & Science of Collaboration

Last Saturday, we had a fantastic Episode 15 of our Redbox Studio FB Live series. We spoke with Badrie Bob Abdullah of the Tulips Movement in Malaysia about collaborations and the art of doing it well. In that same conversation, we also spoke about networking because without a wide network,

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redbox studio anniversary

22 Years!

Redbox Studio is 22 years old today! Has it been that long? Has it been that many years? And yes, it has. Nic started the business in 1998, right after he quit his art director position in an advertising company. He had been there for all of one year and

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business exit strategy fb live

FB Live: What’s Your Exit Plan?

Yesterday, we had an interesting conversation with Ooi Ho Seng of Ultimate Business Consultancy about the importance of an exit strategy or exit plan for entrepreneurs and business owners especially when your business is doing exceedingly well. If you missed the FB Live, here’s the replay video. This is a

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stravik penang malaysia

STRAVIK Website Launch

A big shoutout and congratulations to STRAVIK on the official launch of their website today! We have been working on this website for some months already (even during the MCO) and what usually takes us 2 months went for some time due to some unforeseen circumstances – the CEO and

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Working with Berjayapak, Anne Edwards & MORS Group

Last week we had an unusual two days at Sungai Bakap. We were asked to help out with our client’s video shoot as our client, Berjayapak, had won yet another award. The KL team of videographers came a day before for the recce and the actual shooting began the day

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ishrain hussain

FB Live with Ishrain Hussain: Mentors & Networking

We just completed our FB Live and it was such a good conversation with Ishrain Hussain. She shared about the importance of mentors, a good support system, the power of networking and essentially the ability to thrive wherever you are. Watch the video to find out about the 3 books

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adele khor music school penang

FB Live with Adele Academy: Youtube Marketing

Ever thought about using Youtube to market your own business? Want to know what are the do’s and don’ts from a millennial point of view? We just completed Episode 12 of our Redbox Studio FB Live series today with Adele Khor. Adele Khor is the principal and founder of Adele

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how to sell

How NOT To Sell: A STORY

“Do you read?” This question came to Nic and I out of the blue when a woman we had met at a weekend retreat came and sat with us as we had our lunch of fruits and mee jawa. We were sweaty and hot, having just ambled back from the

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krista goon

12 Sept: Developing Your Marketing Foundation

We hear you! Many of you have asked us to teach marketing and we now have opened a virtual class to do just this. It’s virtual so you can join us from anywhere in Malaysia. What’s interesting is that it isn’t just ONE class and that’s it. You continue learning

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trademark consultant gordian

FB Live With A Trademark & IP Consultant

In this episode that we just completed, I spoke to Gordian Consultancy co-founder, Rebecca Chong. She is an IP agent and trademark consultant where she helps businesses with all matters related to trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs with the aim of protecting our intellectual property. She shared with us some

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