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website content talk by krista goon for smecorp gorgeous geeks

5 March: Creating Effective Website Content

I’ll be sharing about website content creation this Friday, 5 March as part of the Women Netpreneur series organised by Gorgeous Geeks and SMECorp. Most of the time when I get invited to speak, I will talk about marketing but this time, I am zooming in on how you can

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marketing my business

What Can I Do To Market My Business?

Q: Our website is on the first page of Google but we haven’t received any queries from it. The ones that we are getting are all from direct referral from people we know. A: Being on the first page of Google results is just one of the first and many steps

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FB Live: From Engineer to Entrepreneur

We just completed another amazing hour with Episode 20 of our Redbox Studio FB Live series. We had a meaningful conversation with Neoh Hock Soon who is the business owner of CFT Consultancy. He offers training, facilitation and coaching and yes, he is a certified coach. Watch the video replay

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womenpreneur asia launch party

Podcast Launch Party: 10 January (Video)

Update: Get the video plus all the exciting details of what happened on 10 January here. Since we can’t do a real party, we will be having a virtual FB Live party to launch our Womenpreneur Asia podcast and everyone is invited! That’s the beauty of virtual events – you

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womenpreneur asia

Womenpreneur Asia Podcast – Launched!

We’re excited to announce that we have launched our first podcast and it’s all about women in business! Womenpreneur Asia is a seasonal podcast where I interview Asian women entrepreneurs about their stories and how they market themselves and their businesses. I’m talking to women who dare to share their

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rowena morais

Leverage Your LinkedIn With Rowena Morais

I had a great conversation with Rowena Morais of Digital Confluence and she shared a bucketload of great strategies for LinkedIn. She spoke about what she does on LinkedIn daily to maximize her time investment, how she gets out of the content creation fatigue (yes, even writers feel it!), what

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nic sim krista goon redbox studio

Merry Christmas & Heartfelt Thanks For The Support

No matter how 2020 was, we at Redbox Studio would like to say a heartfelt thank you. You supported us in our FB Live (all 18 sessions that we did plus the countless others that we did on other people’s FB Live platforms), opened our emails, read our blog, watched our Youtube,

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web wisdom book

The Christmas Book Sale You Don’t Want To Miss

We’re running a pre-Christmas book sale and it’s an offer that helps you give the gift of knowledge to a friend. We have limited sets of this so hurry if you don’t want to miss out. We have never offered a buy one free one promotion for our Web Wisdom

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communication strategy for businesses - malar ramalingam

Communication Strategies Every Business Should Know

We had such a blast on Saturday talking about communications with Malar Ramalingam! If you missed that, no worries. Here’s the replay. Get ready to jot down plenty of notes as Malar was handing out fantastic ideas, left, right and centre for business communications. She showed us how to handle

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