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Managing Your Facebook Page Effectively (FREE Training)

Struggling to manage your Facebook Page? Don’t have time to update your page? Or frustrated that you don’t know how to create captivating content and worse, followers don’t even comment or engage? We’ve all been there and you are certainly NOT alone. The good news is you can learn how

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What’s The Next Step In Your Marketing?

When we are engaged to develop websites for business owners, we often start by educating them about the importance of having a marketing ecosystem. A marketing ecosystem refers to a deliberate and focused system to attract prospects and to convince them to become your customers in due time. Without a

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tamara hofman coaching leadership

The Leader In You with Tamara Hofman (VIDEO)

What makes you a better, more effective leader? What makes you better at leading and influencing others? And what happens when you face tough decisions? How do you make choices in your business? Because leadership is always about making decisions and making choices, like it or not. In Episode 30

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website visibility for business owners

7 Days & 7 Ways to Improve Your Website Visibility

Business owners are usually stumped when it comes to promoting their websites. If you have spent time and energy and money on getting a website designed, you should be getting people to visit!  Google receives more than 5 billion search requests on average a day! That’s a lot of potential

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How Will You Digitize Your Business?

What does digitizing your business mean to you as a business owner? All too often, we think digitizing means making sure our business is online and this usually means having a digital presence such as a website or selling online.   But it’s more than that. And here’s why. Digitizing is

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kelly vo dear our community podcast

Podcasting For Social Change w/ Kelly Vo (VIDEO)

We had a great conversation with Vietnamese entrepreneur and podcaster, Kelly Vo, from Saigon. I got to know of Kelly through a friend named Tran and Tran thought that Kelly and I would hit it off as we’re both podcasters and hosts of our own shows. (In case you didn’t

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