Games As Tools For Learning & Transformation

Last week, Nic joined gaming enthusiasts and industry professionals in Petaling Jaya for an exciting game conference, where the worlds of gaming, technology, and creativity converged. The Malaysian Simulation and Gaming Conference (MASAGA) highlighted the growing interest and influence in games as transformation tools, particularly for trainers, coaches and facilitators … Read more

Updating Our Book

Writing a book is hard work.  Updating and revising a book is even tougher.  We’re in the midst of revising and updating our book, Web Wisdom, which we self-published in 2016. So much has happened since then. If you bought our book, thank you. If you haven’t bought it and … Read more

Grow, Grit, Resilience – Intel Win Forum

Today I was part of closed-door women leaders-only e-forum as part of their Intel WIN quarterly event. It was quite an honour as they have always sourced speakers and panelists from their own Intel organisation and today’s e-forum was the first time they reached out to external (non-Intel) speakers. According … Read more

What’s Your Website Goal?

When you start your website, you must be clear on your goals. If you are not clear about what you want, it’s difficult to determine if you have reached your goal. So what kinds of website goals should you aim for? We only focus on websites that are useful for … Read more