More Confidence with Digital Transformation After Consultation

Below is a review of our Redbox Studio consultation that we carried out for a client in the non-profit sector in December 2017. We met with the executive director and his team in a face-to-face session.

What prompted you to enlist our help with your previous organization?
I was the Executive Director of an international advocacy and alliance-building NGO. A critical part of our business was campaigns and communications with a diverse global audience.

I had initiated a program of change, moving from print-based delivery to an almost exclusively online campaign.

I wanted external input into shaping our website, structuring our content structure, and plotting workflows.

Our staff came up with a list of local (Malaysia-based) agencies. At the time I felt that physical access to the agency was important, to enable face-to-face meetings, as this was a complex multi-stranded project. We also needed to integrate the campaign aspects of the work with other parts of the website.

Why did you choose to work with Redbox Studio?
We chose Redbox Studio for three main reasons:

i) the quality of their writing that explained complex issues in accessible ways, without oversimplifying
ii) their willingness to tailor their services around our needs, rather than expecting us to adapt to theirs
iii) their understanding of the social sector, which required much more than marketing a product.

How did you use our advice and recommendations?
We incorporated the advice and recommendations by rethinking our processes – from research, expert input, copy production, editing, final content approvals, and then lay out, proofreading and deployment. This led us to settle on a process that was more familiar to internal stakeholders, over one that was more efficient.

What were the initial fears or concerns about using our services?
In common with most NGOs, we had concerns about costs despite having a reasonable budget. We did not however have room for error and so needed to be confident in the advice we received.

What specifically do you appreciate most about working with Redbox Studio during the consult?
I greatly appreciated the candor and balance of the advice. I did not feel that we were being sold an idea with the intention of securing a long-term contract. The experience and expertise offered to us were also much in evidence, and certain matters that we had overlooked were identified during the consultation.

Would you be happy to recommend this service?
I would have no hesitation in recommending Redbox Studio to anyone who values a quality
service over a polished sales pitch.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I think working with Redbox would have been the better solution, but I had not anticipated the degree of internal resistance to change.

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