Impact & Influence: Why Your Communication Skills Matter

How do you communicate? Are you using your communication skills to impact and influence? Do you know how you can improve communications to grow your personal brand and business?

If you know the importance of communications, this is the session for you (and it’s FREE). You can be at the event at Eastin Hotel Penang in person or you can log on from anywhere to watch the virtual session (it will be streamed live on the Talentcorp Malaysia FB Page) at

I’m a huge fan of communications because it has helped our business differentiate itself from others over the past 24 years. We were the first to focus on website content and website copywriting in the early days when everyone was fixated on web design purely for design’s sake.

We are still emphasizing marketing-focused websites and the importance of having high-quality content that separates leaders from followers. This goes for social media content as well.

Website content and website copywriting help our clients rise in Google rankings organically, raise their visibility (from zero ranking to top of the list ranking) and made them immediately different from their competitors.

Yet we cannot talk about communications without dipping into marketing because they’re best friends. Good communications make marketing smooth and easy. You have less resistance when you communicate well in your marketing materials. When you are clear in your marketing, you are clear about how you convey your message as well.

On the personal front, communications have helped me create a brand that’s consistent with the business that we own.

Everything that we undertake and manage consists of communications from our blog that you are reading now to the websites that we create for clients to our own marketing materials.

It’s in the podcast that I own (which by the way reached a milestone of 10,000 downloads last week), it’s in the videos and live streams that I create and host and it’s in the work that I do as an advisor to the communications team at Penang Women’s Development Corporation where I am a board director.

I’ll share some of my brand-building strategies (because that is precisely what influence and impact is about). I’ll demonstrate them through the stories and experiences I have specially curated for this event.

And finally, I will be sharing a special list of resources that you can use for improving and elevating your communications.

To join the physical event, register here.:

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