Create A Visibility Plan For Your Business (Free Training)

Redbox Studio is back again this year with Gorgeous Geeks & SME Corp’s training series.

We are back again this year supporting our friends at Gorgeous Geeks. This time, our virtual training will be based on the topic of creating a visibility plan for your business because if you are not visible, it’s hard to have your products and services go far and wide!

As it is a virtual programme, you can join us from anywhere as long as you register and turn up on the day of the training.

As always, we will be giving you more than just training in our session. Look out for the special materials that we will be giving away to you when you join our session.

Creating a visibility plan involves more than just advertising online. The plan we have is far more sustainable than advertising (although if you have the budget and know why you’re advertising, go ahead).

For the past 20+ years, we have created visibility for ourselves and e are here to show you how. The game plan is this: if you can be visible and credible, you can be profitable.

Many business owners with good products struggle to get customers because no one knows them or knows they exist. This is why everyone runs towards social media but also then finds it tough because they lack content to post.

Once they get visible, they also need to prove themselves – this is where your case studies, testimonials and reviews come into play. You can also raise your credibility in many more ways using video and audio if not through thought leadership articles.

The first step is always getting visible so if you want to learn how to do this for FREE at 3:45pm on 8 June, Wednesday via Zoom, register here.

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