Women Authors of Penang – Interview Series

For International Women’s Day, we teamed up with Precious Pages Resources, a local book publishing business to bring you a 3-part series featuring 6 women authors of Penang – Koay Su Lyn, Harriet Lim, Pearly Kee, Lillian Tong, Prema Devaraj and Tze.

As authors ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to produce a book from start to finish. Our book, Web Wisdom, was published in 2016 and we are updating the book for a reprint this year. We wanted to share with business owners the importance of having a marketing-focused website that worked. We still are passionate about websites, digital marketing, content marketing and more.

Similarly, these women authors are highly passionate about their topics and genres. Their enthusiasm and energy flow from being able to share their message with their readers. Many a time we don’t know the genesis of a book or how the process works. These interviews can help you understand what it takes to be an author. Whether it is a cookbook or a history book, these women have found writing a rewarding vocation!

Part 1: Women Authors of Penang featuring Su Lyn Koay & Harriet Lim.

Su Lyn is the co-author of Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee while Harriet Lim is the author of 10th Little Sister.

Part 2: Women Authors of Penang featuring Pearly Kee & Tze.

Pearly Kee is the author of two recipe books focusing on Nyonya food – A Nyonya Inheritance and Pearly’s Nyonya Pantry. Tze is the author of Penang Passion cookbook and Once Upon A Nyonya Tale.

Part 3: Women Authors of Penang featuring Lillian Tong & Prema Devaraj.

Lillian Tong is the author of Once Upon A Kamcheng, Straits Chinese Gold Jewellery and Straits Chinese Embroidery and Beadwork. Prema Devaraj is the author of children’s books written for the Women’s Centre for Change.

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