Webinar: Building A Memorable Personable Brand For 2022 and Beyond

Would you like to learn how to develop a memorable personable brand for this year and beyond?

krista goon speaks at nethics usm 2022 personal branding

I’ll be giving a virtual presentation and talk this Sunday, 9 January at 10am to 11am in a virtual event organized by NETHICS of Universiti Sains Malaysia. While its target audience is university students, I believe everyone can benefit from learning how to create their own personal brand.

I’ve always believed that marketing with a strong message is the key underlying factor that makes a brand memorable. But how do you do that for people who come with various personalities and values? How do you become unforgettable to people that you meet so that they will remember you when they need your expertise and capabilities?

I’ll share what I know over the years of marketing ourselves as a company and of marketing myself as a speaker, trainer and specialist in communications and content strategy. It didn’t come to me like a revelation yet I knew if I wanted to make our company truly stand out, we had to stand for something. And it couldn’t be just lip service or empty words.

As one of the owners of our company, I was in a prime position to market myself and this was how I ended up taking on the role of a spokesperson since 2005! And here’s the most interesting part of it – one speaking engagement that is done well opens up the door to the next one and the next one and before I knew it, I had spoken at so many events as a guest lecturer, speaker, panellist, moderator and trainer.

As always, I share from our experiences as that is simply the best way to learn!

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