Be Your Own Fund Manager w/ Lim Mei Ching (VIDEO)

Did you manage to catch our final FB live stream for this year? We had our Episode 40 featuring Lim Mei Ching, a newly published author of a book titled “Be Your Own Fund Manager”.

To catch the replay, check out the video below.

As a former fund manager, she shared technical tips about becoming your own fund manager especially if you’re a beginner and want to invest your own money. In her book, she talks about combining fundamental analysis (FA) and technical analysis (TA).

In this one-hour session, Mei Ching shared a few key tips namely:

– Capital preservation (and not capital appreciation) is key when it comes to managing your own funds
– When to exit is more important than when to enter the market
– The combination of Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA) are must-knows in your investment knowledge when it comes to effective investing
– Do your homework and research adequately before you buy any stocks because it is YOUR money that you are putting into the company
– Don’t listen to general talk, coffeeshop gossip or rumours – do your own due diligence on the company that you want to invest in
– Find information about a company that’s publicly traded on Bursa Malaysia (all the listed companies’ annual reports are there or just google or look for their websites)
– Learn how to be a smarter trader by taking free investment courses available at Bursa Academy’s website
– Know how much you are most comfortable investing (it should be excess money rather than your life savings and please don’t ever borrow or take a loan to invest in the stock market!)

She believes that by combining FA and TA with strict and disciplined portfolio management skills, most investors would be able to generate commendable returns in stock investing.

Mei Ching wrote her book based on her experience as a fund manager but also as someone who invests her own money. She also debunks a lot of myths about investing and this makes her book a great introduction to investing and buying stocks and shares.

Lim Mei Ching has been in the investment banking industry for more than 12 years and has had roles as a fund manager/investment analyst in unit trusts, asset management, insurance and investment bank. So she has been on the buy-side as well as the sell-side and understands the concerns from both sides of the fence!

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