Featured In The Can Do Way Podcast

It’s been an interesting month for us at Redbox Studio. First, there was the award conferment by the Penang Governor on 10 November and today, I’m on a podcast that’s produced by Gail Gibson, a leadership and performance coach.

Gail notes that she wants to “help more leaders discover how they can live with purpose, create meaningful work, and reach their personal best.”

Gail’s podcast is called The Can Do Way and in this 30-minute episode, she interviews me about my can-do attitude.

As a podcaster myself, I’ve always put others in the hot seat and now it was my turn to answer Gail’s questions.

I found it refreshing and fun and even nerve-wracking. I am unused to hearing myself although yes, I do produce my own podcast!

So have a listen and let me know if you found my sharing insightful! Or what ideas came up for you as I talked about my journey as an “accidental entrepreneur”?

Check out the podcast episode.

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