How to Network for Business w/ Gail Gibson (VIDEO)

Your network is your net worth. But how do you make this happen for yourself in your business? What are some key techniques that enable relationships to be built better?

We had this discussion when we spoke to Gail Gibson on FB Live two weeks ago.

Gail is a leadership coach, podcaster and author and she gave a bunch of strategies of how you can cultivate relationships to bring you and your business further!

She shared some easy ideas you can use the next time you go into a networking event even if you’re an introvert or shy!

She also spoke about what you must not do (don’t be a networking tart!) and the questions you can use to open up a conversation with anyone.

This is a live stream series that we host at Redbox Studio to help you with growing your business, marketing and leadership knowledge.

If you want to find out why and how some people get opportunities easily or why some people have doors opened for them or why some people seem to be everywhere all the time (and in the media too), watch the replay below.

I’ve personally been a fan of making connections and I can tell you that this one strategy has helped our business tremendously.

Making connections is not easy – you need to play an active role in reaching out to others but it is rewarding and if you’re an entrepreneur, you MUST know how to network effectively. Gail shares how you can network easily in this video replay above.

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