We Are 23!

Happy birthday to Redbox Studio! We are officially 23 years old today and we want to thank all of you who made it possible for us to be here today.

We started in 1998 and while we are in the web development business, we consider ourselves educators at heart. We have been sharing our insights about websites and marketing for more than 20 years and that itself is a milestone we are proud of!

Looking back at the 23 years, here are some of what we’ve done for our Penang community:

  • Started our free Tech Tuesday sessions where we offered a free 2-hour session twice a month to anyone who wanted to learn about setting up their websites or finding out more about online marketing. We ran this for 4 years from 2008 to 2012 and met hundreds of small business owners who came to our Tech Tuesday sessions.
  • Wrote and published our book, Web Wisdom, in 2016 as we knew time was ripe for a book that combined not just website strategies but also marketing strategies. Our book until today is still the one and only book that discusses marketing-focused websites! Many people who have bought and read our book found it helpful as it showed them how to use their websites. It has even helped web designers! (Look out for a revised version this year as we update and refresh some chapters in the book!)
  • Marketing Mojo was another event that we started in 2012 after we ended Tech Tuesday. We ran this physical event in China House Cafe each quarter and people paid to attend, network and listen as Nic taught unique marketing concepts honed after years of working with businesses big and small. This small group learning enabled us to listen to clients and friends alike who were often stumped with marketing and struggled with marketing. While we had fun and made money, we also made the decision to stop organising Marketing Mojo in 2019 as we felt it was time to put our energy towards other forms of teaching. We had a good 7 years teaching business owners about marketing and met again, many entrepreneurs, attracting a few all the way from KL. And it was a good decision that was as the pandemic hit in 2020!
  • We also invented Big Timer, our card game for entrepreneurs and it helps you uncover what you need to do if you want to create a business that’s profitable, sustainable and fun. Said one participant, “It’s like taking a business workshop but disguised as a game. It’s fun to play, and at the end you learn practical lessons that you can apply to your own business immediately!” We haven’t organised any physical game sessions since the pandemic hit but we’re looking forward to using this game for more businesses and even corporate training and want to take it one notch higher on the digital platform.
  • Nic also conceptualised the One Mountain One Dragon which is an advanced level strategy that he taught in Marketing Mojo events.
  • We actively speak at entrepeneurship events and business events and this was a conscious strategy that we undertook in 2005. Back then, hardly anyone knew us. Through speaking, we started to gain attention and since then, we have spoken at a lot of events – physical and virtual – and we continue to speak about marketing, websites, leadership and entrepreneurship! This has brought us an influx of clients as well!
  • Our FB Live series which we started in April 2020 during the lockdown has become one of our communication channels bringing business people on our show to share their expertise and insights. We are now at Episode 36 this week with our Redbox Studio Show and continue to add value to our community comprising aspiring entrepreneurs and business people. While many people excitedly ran their live streams last year, many have stopped and yet we have continued our commitment to share and are still doing it! And best of all, we now stream live to LinkedIn and Youtube besides going live on our FB Page. (By the way, have you followed our page yet?)
  • We also created our podcast for women entrepreneurs, Womenpreneur Asia and launched it in December 2020. Until today, we have 3 seasons of interesting interviews with Asian women CEOs and women founders. The podcast has been getting a lot of attention and we’re excited to see what comes up in the near future. By the end of this year, the podcast would have featured 40 women entrepreneurs from all over Asia! More good things are planned for Womenpreneur Asia so stay tuned.
  • We’ve also evolved from web design and web development to offering more marketing and content-related services to our clients. We have helped clients with their LinkedIn profile makeovers and social media page management while planning and creating content for their websites. Look out for our upcoming revamped website with a new list of services and product offerings.
  • We’ve had more consulting work too as people wanted our expertise and knowledge before they even start on their website development, ecommerce and businesses. Our knowledge isn’t merely in web development, website copywriting and SEO – we focus a lot on marketing as we are first and foremost marketers. People don’t want websites; they want to generate leads and understand how to take those leads and convert them into customers.

We’ve also asked ourselves what we want to do moving forward.

We’ve become more discerning of the clients we accept as we want to work with people who truly understand why they’re going online. (Yes, we have a Not-To-Do List!) As a business of more than 20 years, there’s still so much to be done to grow ourselves into the next phase!

It’s great to be in the digital space as experienced marketers and entrepreneurs. We’ve seen so much happen in the past 23 years. More and more marketing is about content and we have been talking about content marketing for ages!

We’re excited that we’re still continuing to help business owners and SME owners but we’re also going to help people who want to be just like us such as web copywriters and web designers.

We’re looking at building community and teaching more of what we know to you if you care to join us! We’re also looking at collaborating with like-minded businesses and working to create more impact in all that we do through our courses and webinars.

Thank you for being a supporter, client and friend of Redbox Studio.

23 years is a long time and we’re proud that you have been part of this journey with us.

In fact, our analytics tell us that a lot of people who find us know us by our brand name. This is how we know that our marketing efforts have worked!

If you have been part of our journey, let us know in the comments below.

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