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Yesterday I gave virtual training to 104 participants comprising men and women in an event organised by Gorgeous Geeks and SME Corp Malaysia. This is part of the greater initiative to empower women entrepreneurs under the Women Netpreneur programme.

Besides web development, we’re a company that focuses a lot on content creation and content production to differentiate ourselves as well as our clients who come to us for web development.

When Gorgeous Geeks asked me what topic I’d like to train in, I wanted to give another perspective to Facebook marketing.

Most Facebook marketing revolves around advertising but for solopreneurs and small business owners, this isn’t a path they usually take when they get on the world’s third most popular platform (do you know which is the first and second most popular platforms in the world?).

As a communications and content strategist, I love talking about content. I decided to present our own experiences managing our own FB Page (as well as other FB Groups and FB Pages), drawing from our own data and examples of what worked and why they worked.

And I also brought up a quote by Seth Godin who says, “Content marketing is the only marketing left!”

Not only am I talking about content but Google also confirms that content marketing is now the #1 ranking factor online. Accordingly, the website conversion rate is 6x higher for content marketing adopters! Creating world-class content should be on your to-do list.

I also ran a poll yesterday during my training. Here are some interesting stats – 67% of the audience said they owned FB Pages for business with only 28% saying they found it easy to create content (which meant that 72% were struggling to create quality content consistently for their pages).

With 81% of the audience admitting that they managed their own FB Pages, my hunches were correct that solopreneurs and business owners find it tough to create quality content for their own business pages while hardly being able to afford to outsource or farm out the job of updating their FB Pages!

So I taught them my own hacks and tips and content principles.

(And I also gave them my PDF of resources and links so if you want this, just send an email to info@redboxstudio.com with the subject line “FB tools please“.)

After my 1.5 hour presentation, I was surprised to get a call. A participant in the virtual session yesterday found it valuable enough to write an article about my training. She was from a business publication and wanted to give their readers some of the strategies that I had shared including the time-saving tools and hacks.

It was a delightful surprise for a Friday. Thanks to Business Today Malaysia for the feature!

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