Retail Strategies w/ Timothy Liew (VIDEO)

Just completed Episode 34 this morning with Timothy Liew, a retail strategist on FB Live where we spoke about retail in Malaysia, how retailers are opening up, what they should put in place and how they should approach the next half year or even one year.

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Side note: When I was invited by Penang Institute to speak at their webinar on 7 September, I highlighted 4 women-owned retail businesses in Penang by sharing their stories of struggling through the pandemic. (If you missed that, check out the replay.)

Since retail is slowly opening up albeit in phases, it is timely to talk about the retail landscape post-pandemic. Technically Malaysia isn’t out of the woods yet as we still have a high number of cases daily but we are hopeful.

Our guest, Timothy Liew, has 16 years of experience in the retail design industry.

He is the co-founder of Visata Creative Sdn Bhd and his mission is to help retailers grow great brands. Like us in Redbox Studio, Timothy or Tim believes that businesses will always benefit from excellent branding and marketing. His firm counts Jaya Grocer, Nikon, Fotokem, Za Altera and many other brands as his clients.

We spoke about physical retail – the pros and cons of opening up. Tim also touched on two key areas that retailers need to brush up on moving forward. He also gave 3 good pointers about retail with a focus on humanizing the shopping experience rather than leaving it to chatbots and automated messages.

It was a realistic look at retail and retail habits that we’ve all been accustomed to now that we’ve experienced 18 months of staying at home.

Tim is also a Certified Mall Marketing & Leasing Manager as certified by the Malaysian Shopping Mall Association. (Did you know this? I didn’t know there’s a certification for such a role.)

He also serves as the head of Retail, Food & Beverage Subcommittee for the Small and Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia (SAMENTA). 

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