What’s The Next Step In Your Marketing?

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When we are engaged to develop websites for business owners, we often start by educating them about the importance of having a marketing ecosystem. A marketing ecosystem refers to a deliberate and focused system to attract prospects and to convince them to become your customers in due time.

Without a system, your marketing will always be tactical. How many Facebook ads can you run? How many Google ads have you paid for? Tactics work for a while and turn into overwhelm for any business owner. 

When you have a marketing ecosystem, you market with intentionality and focus which gives you a clearer idea of knowing the kind of prospects you want to attract.

When you understand this, you know exactly what happens when you meet a prospect. You know what the next step is. 

A marketing ecosystem consists of a series of steps that help your prospects understand your business better with the idea that you could potentially help them. The fastest and most cost-effective way is to create a digital marketing ecosystem.

Ask yourself:
– What would your prospects need help with?
– What bothers them or keeps them frustrated?
– What do they always complain about?

Can you give them advice, tips or help even before they become your customers? Can you offer this on your website? It will make a big difference in your marketing mindset when you are able to give before you even ask for anything of your prospect.

It is not about selling to prospects when they land on your website initially as you haven’t earned their trust yet. If you understand the prospect’s pain and worry and if you can offer articles, PDF downloads, helpful videos or checklists that help them solve this pain or at least make them more capable of solving the pain, you have helped them trust you more. 

But they are NOT customers yet. They will need more education (from you) before they buy. But you are already one huge step ahead of your competitors. 

Your digital marketing ecosystem starts offline and leads interested people online (to your website). Only then will your marketing bear fruit. When you next give a presentation or meet a prospect, you don’t have to sell. Your job is to direct interested people to your website to get your valuable information.

This strategy is meant for business owners who want to be in business for years to come and expand their expertise, reputation and credibility. It’s for businesses that care about the quality of their customers.

Marketing is, after all, a long game. 

The people who take action to get your PDF download, watch your videos or follow you closely after that on social media are more likely to become customers later on when you have something to offer them. 

So what’s the next step in your marketing?

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