Is Now A Good Time To Start Your Writing Business? (Video)

Website copywriting and website content is part of what we offer in Redbox Studio and over the years we realized that writing is such a viable business solution for anyone who is willing to pick up the skills and also run it as a business.

This is why based on our July live stream with three of our writer friends, we came back to discuss this further.

Writing has never been more in demand as digital content ramps up. But writing has to be a business in order for it to be sustainable. Writing professionally in this case is about setting up a foundation for success. And this is where Chan Li Jin, Marsha Maung, Audrey Teoh and I come in to share what we know throughout our 20+ years in business writing.

We streamed live on so above is the replay video. If you want to find out more, check out our Youtube channel. (Or why not sign up to get our email? We send emails to update you on our events and you can unsubscribe any time.)

And if you’re a writer, we made an announcement at the end of the video that could be helpful to you!

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