The Leader In You with Tamara Hofman (VIDEO)

What makes you a better, more effective leader? What makes you better at leading and influencing others?

And what happens when you face tough decisions? How do you make choices in your business? Because leadership is always about making decisions and making choices, like it or not.

In Episode 30 of our FB Live last Saturday, I spoke to Tamara Hofman, an executive coach and leadership consultant, and we talked about the Drama Triangle by Karpman and how to opt-out of it when we fall into any of the 3 roles. Tamara illustrates this with a slide in our video below.

We also spoke about values (and she offered a “Discover Your Values” exercise to help you find the values that most resonate with you – just email her for the PDF – her email is in the video below).

Knowing our values enable us to become smarter at making decisions in our lives and businesses. Watch the video below or share it with your friends and family if you want to find more how you can be better at leading.

As an international executive coach, Tamara specializes in leadership transitions and change working with leaders in multi-cultural environments who are facing either personal or business changes.

Her aim is to create awareness and choices about the kind of leader they want to be and the organizational culture they want to create. She is also the co-chair for Lean In Penang that empowers women to achieve their ambitions.

Tamara believes leadership starts with having a strong understanding of self and others, from where relationships based on trust are built. Inspirational leadership comes from within and finding your true self will open a world of possibilities. Her work with leaders is about building awareness around their leadership and behaviour, their impact on others and how they are influencing the systems around them.

Tamara is based in Penang and coaches for TPC Leadership and works on a wide range of leadership development programmes besides coaching Asian and Western clients. Prior to this, she was in Greater China.

She is a certified master coach for The Mind Gym and certified coach with the International Coaching Federation. Originating from The Netherlands, she has a degree in engineering and marketing and speaks English and Dutch.

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