29 July FB Live For Writers & Aspiring Writers, Ep. 32

This is a special FB Live just for you if you are a writer or thinking of becoming a writer and wondering if it is a worthwhile career, path or business to pursue!

(And we are also now streaming to LinkedIn too besides FB and Youtube.)

I’m a website copywriter and content strategist and I write specifically for business websites. Then there are my friends, Marsha, Audrey and Li Jin, who also write as a livelihood and together we have lots of writing experience to talk about!

We’re doing this FB Live together to help you if you’re a writer or if you want to explore writing as a business and career.

audrey teoh PR writing copy editing

We will talk about the business of writing, what it takes to run a business where you offer writing services, how to market yourself and more.

marsha maung SEO writer digital content

Do you set up a company? Or do you just freelance without declaring your income or paying taxes? Do you work under an agency? Do you offer clients a contract or do you just trust clients to pay you on time? What if they don’t pay you? How do you add more value to your writing? What should you be doing as a writer/business owner?

chan li jin health writer immunisation controversy

Can you survive as a writer?

Listen to our failures, mistakes and horror stories of clients from hell but also listen as we share about thriving.

Thriving and succeeding as a writer is possible once you understand the business of writing and how professional business writing can open multiple doors of opportunities!

krista goon website copywriter website consultant author

If this topic gets you excited, join us on 29 July, Thursday 9pm at fb.com/redboxstudio.

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