Starting Your Writing Business – Advice from 4 Experienced Writers (VIDEO)

Considering a business or career in writing? Then check out the video below of our previous live stream where we addressed some specific issues that new writers or new copywriters struggle with.

Together with Audrey Teoh, Marsha Maung and Chan Li Jin, we discussed:

  • how you can set yourself up in the writing industry even if you’re a newbie writer
  • how to price your work (very important!)
  • how to dive into specific niches within the business world
  • how to add more value to your writing
  • how to ensure you have a constant stream of work and clients
  • why most writers get stuck in the feast and famine cycle
  • how to get your first paid client
  • if it is useful to register your business
  • how to help clients make better decisions when it comes to your writing projects and more

Audrey, Marsha, Li Jin and I have thrived in the past 20+ years as writers and we are still very much involved in writing today.

Each of us come with our own speciality – Audrey is in PR, Marsha is in digital content, Li Jin focuses on health writing and advocacy while I focus on website copywriting and marketing communications.

I’m a website copywriter and content strategist and I write specifically for business websites. Then there are my friends, Marsha, Audrey and Li Jin, who also write as a livelihood and together we have lots of writing experience to talk about!

audrey teoh PR writing copy editing

marsha maung SEO writer digital content
chan li jin health writer immunisation controversy

Do you set up a company? Or do you just freelance without declaring your income or paying taxes? Do you work under an agency? Do you offer clients a contract or do you just trust clients to pay you on time? What if they don’t pay you? How do you add more value to your writing? What should you be doing as a writer/business owner?

Can you survive as a writer?

Listen to our failures, mistakes and horror stories of clients from hell but also listen as we share about thriving.

Thriving and succeeding as a writer is possible once you understand the business of writing and how professional business writing can open multiple doors of opportunities!

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